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23 March 2012 @ 06:27 pm
I´m Sorry~

This is probably the most aggressive friends´ cut I´ve ever done T_T

So if any of you feel that I was unfair or you want to give our friendship a second chance please contact me or talk to me and we can work it out, tbh I used the lj option for people commenting in my journal and my memory of friends sending me pm´s or I usually chat with them or every three months we chat like crazy, so I might have made a mistake, anyway the reasons behind this are mostly because we grew appart and also coz when being friends of someone it´s good to show at least a little bit of concern for your friends, that´s what I think and also some haven´t never update your journals and others haven´t done that in ages.

Anyway, hope you are all ok and no harsh feelings I´m going to leave this entry public so people that are still listing me as their friends are able to see it. (It´s a public entry so everybody even extrangers will be able to see it)

There´s no reasons behind this more than the ones I mentioned, and remember if you are more interested in my fics no biggie just join my fic comm and that´s it^_^

Also I think I don´t have to remind you guys that what happens in gochan´s journal stays in gochan´s journal right? LOL^^

Hugs, stay safe and have a wonderful life, hope to see you guys around in fandom and that we all can be friendly and respectful towards each other, I know I will^_^

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